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Go Social with DotNetNuke and EasyDNNsolutions modules (part 1)



DotNetNuke 6.2. has introduced a simple way to create an internal social network or online community. Community members can interact with each other in the same way they have familiarized themselves through the use of popular social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others. Community members can become friends with other members and follow them, publish statuses, share images, videos, links, documents…

Such social networks can be applied and used in numerous ways. Businesses will make profit on account of better communication and interaction between their employees, whereas buyers and clients will become fans of their products and services. If you wish to create a community around a local sports club, a school, a religious community, a non-profit organization or a hobby, DotNetNuke 6.2+ is the right solution for you. has produced several widely popular modules for DotNetNuke, such as EasyDNNnews, EasyDNNgallery, EasyDNNrotator and others. We have enhanced our modules in order to support DotNetNuke's new options, and to provide our users with a top experience of social networking at DotNetNuke.



A short overview of EasyDNNnews module 

EasyDNNnews is a powerful DotNetNuke module which makes it possible even for non-technical users to publish and manage news, articles, public announcements and events. It is a great solution for writing a blog, publishing news, FAQ, database or an online product catalogue, and it can even be used to power large news portals. Additionally, your articles can be published as events.


A short overview of EasyDNNgallery module 

EasyDNNgallery is one of the most popular DotNetNuke modules for the management of images, videos and audios. It includes 18 different displays (presentations) with attractive themes to perfectly fit into your web site's design. This module excels by its ease of use.

A short overview of EasyDNNrotator module 

EasyDNNrotator is DotNetNuke module that rotates content such as images, video and HTML.
Besides easy content management, it provides great options to customize the slider to your web site.
We especially emphasize jQuery Cameleon slider and Multicarousel that we have independently developed and which enables stacking different views. With no programming skills required, adjusting the slider has never been easier as now with EasyDNNrotator module.



Social integration with EasyDNNnews, EasyDNNgallery and EasyDNNrotator modules – an overview

What can EasyDNNnews do?





  • EasyDNNnews can be added to a page within Activity feed and display all the user's events or group's events from EasyDNNnews (user's events, group's events)



  • users can add their articles to EasyDNNnews directly from Activity feed



  • in addition to posting to DNN Journal, it is also possible to post the information on a published article at Facebook or Twitter




What can EasyDNNgallery do?

  • EasyDNNgallery can be used in community mode to manage and share user galleries
  • EasyDNNgallery can be used in community mode to manage and share group galleries



  • EasyDNNgallery can publish information to Journal on newly added items in user or group galleries (demo)



  • EasyDNNgallery makes it possible to users to add images, videos (embed only) and audios (mp3) to galleries






  • When user's  or group's galleries are displayed, privacy settings will be kept (Everyone, Community members, Friends, Private)
  • Images published to the Journal directly by a user can be loaded and added by EasyDNNgallery to the user's Journal Post gallery (similar to Facebook wall gallery) (demo)




  • Images loaded by EasyDNNgallery into Journal Post gallery will keep the same privacy rules as those of the post they were published within (Everyone, Community members, Friends)
  • If EasyDNNnews is installed, galleries published within articles can be displayed within user galleries. This is optional.


NEW: EasyDNNgallery 5 now comes with SocialMediaBox. SocialMediaBox is a new Lightbox-like media viewer which brings to DotNetNuke the best practices of displaying and sharing images (and other supported multimedia files) in the way you have become familiar with through social networks. 

  • SocialMediaBox makes it possible to open, view, comment, rate and share images added to EasyDNNgallery used in community mode (DNN 6.2 and later).
  • Option to open images published in the Journal. Images published in the Journal thus become clickable and they can be opened in SocialMediaBox. Read more about this feature. 


Read more about SocialMediaBox.

What can EasyDNNrotator do?





 Note: current options of social integration provided now by EasyDNNnews, EasyDNNgallery and EasyDNNrotator module will be additionally upgraded.

How to set up the modules 


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