Changes in our technical support service

Changes in our technical support service

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In order to offer you fast and efficient support, we have implemented a professional Help Desk solution (Zendesk). What follows are brief guidelines on how to request technical support or ask a question related to our products and services.

You can request technical support or ask a question related to our products in following ways:

 1) Send an e-mail to

An e-mail sent to this address automatically creates a ticket in our Help Desk. Soon after sending your e-mail you will receive a confirmation message in your mailbox that a ticket has been created in our system. All of our related replies will also be directed to your email. If you wish to add more data or follow the status of your ticket through the web, you need to register at our web site with the same e-mail address you have sent your request. This will additionally provide you with a history of all of your tickets.

2) Filling out a form at our web sites (recommended)

After filling out a form at any of our web sites, you will receive an e-mail confirmation message that a ticket has been created in our system. You will also receive all of our further replies at your email.

Before filling out a form, we recommend you to log into our web site. This is not obligatory, but it will provide you with certain advantages, such as following the status of your ticket, adding extra information to your ticket, adding a ticket in a simple manner, providing you with an overview of your ticket history, etc. Moreover, this step will reduce the chance that your ticket gets lost in the spam folder.

Possible problems

Although this rarely happens, in a few cases our users haven't received our e-mail replies, since they have been directed to their spam folders. If you do not receive a confirmation message soon after creating a ticket, that could indicate that the message has ended in your spam folder, and the same might happen to our reply. This is why it would be a good idea to check your spam folder or register at our web site, where you can follow how your ticket or your request is being dealt with.

Help Desk at DNN store

Since we have introduced our new professional Help Desk solution, we have stopped using Help Desk at DNN store. If you send your request there, you will automatically receive the reply to contact us through our own Help Desk system. The reason for this is that Help Desk solution at DNN store is very limited, making it difficult for us to provide full user support. Additionally, a single channel for providing user support makes the job easier for our support team, allowing for all kind of problems to be solved faster.


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