EasyDNN News 12.1

A versatile and very powerful DNN module that will allow you to publish of all kinds of post such as blogs, articles, events, real estates, product catalogs, and much more. AI can write articles, translate, and optimize SEO.

Compatible with DNN/Evoq 7.3x, 8.x, 9.x, including latest 9.13.3

EasyDNN News Version History

EasyDNN News is probably the DNN module with the largest version history. This is the best proof that we are constantly improving the module and adding new functionalities, but also keeping up with new versions of DNN.

EasyDNN News 12.1

  • Improved article manager
    • NEW - A multi-select option that allows you to select articles you want to translate with AI or improve their SEO.
    • NEW - translation status display where you can see which languages an article has been translated into.
    • NEW - SEO indicator – shows whether all necessary SEO elements have been added to an article.
  • Generate Articles with AI
  • Generate Images with AI
  • Improve SEO with AI
  • Translate Articles with AI
  • compatible with the latest version of DNN 9.13.3
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNN News 12

EasyDNN News 11.9.4

  • NEW - Stripe payment provider that enables payment for paid event registration
  • compatible with the latest version of DNN 9.13.3
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNN News 11.9.3

  • improvements and fixes in Advanced search
  • added option to open PDF documents in the browser
  • NewsDaily templates - six new styles added
  • compatible with the latest version of DNN 9.13.2
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNN News 11.9

  • NEW: NewsEntertainment theme - Demo
  • NEW: NewsDaily theme - Demo
  • refinement of custom fields Advanced search
  • compatible with the latest version of DNN 9.12
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNN News 11.8.5

  • NEW: AddShare social buttons integration - This integration replaces AddThis social sharing buttons with AddShare social sharing buttons. AddThis social share buttons are discontinued and no longer work. For the social share buttons to continue to work, it is necessary to upgrade the module, and the integration with the AddShare buttons will work immediately.
  • compatible with the latest version of DNN 9.11.2
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNN News 11.8

  • Integration with ChatGPT & DALL·E (OpenAI) - generation of multilingual articles and images using AI
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNN News 11.7

  • NEW: Zero Gravity Gallery
    • new thumbnail/lightbox gallery for list and detail templates
    • the possibility to customize the gallery and add new display types
    • razor templates are used to manage the appearance
    • to use Zero Gravity Gallery in EasyDNN News, EasyDNN Gallery must be installed
  • NEW: 404 not found redirection for deleted articles and non-existent links
  • NEW: custom fields – the possibility of the custom fields that are visible only to admins
  • NEW: lazy loading of images
  • FIXES: date/time custom field, custom field search, workflow, permissions, duplicate articles, Twitter autoposting, Excell export and other other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNN News 11.6

  • NEW: Related articles widget
    • added the possibility to display related articles in a widget that can be added to, for example, a sidebar using list templates
    • improved logic for related articles - possibility to display by categories without the condition of tags
  • NEW: Improved SEO of categories
    • added possibility to define title tag, category URL, meta description, meta keywords and robots meta tag by category
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNN News 11.5

  • DNN 9.11 ready - fully compatible with DNN 9.11
  • upgrade of Google Maps functionality - possibility to add custom markers
  • upgrade of Google Maps functionality - the ability to define global settings for displaying the map in articles
  • improved integration with DNN Banners/Vendors module - possibility to add banners to the text of articles
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNN News 11.2

  • Google Maps - possibility to add custom markers
  • Cross-portal sharing - possibility to open articles on the parent portal
  • SEO - improvements in managing page titles
  • Twitter Autoposting - support for the new API
  • Custom fields and search improvements
  • Fixes in the API
  • Improvements in templates
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNN News 11

  • added API that enables retrieving article list which makes the integration with mobile apps easier
  • added an option to exclude the featured articles from the view
  • improved the Facebook Instant Article template to enable the possibility of managing ads
  • improved SEO – added an option that enables adjusting of indexing by individual articles
  • improved the Advantage theme
  • improved the DNN search integration for localized articles when the content localization is used
  • lots of small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNN News 10.9

  • New Advantage theme
    Advantage is a new modern theme for EasyDNN News inspired by material design. Your blogs, news, or events will look perfect with this theme, and you can further customize the theme to your needs with StyleWizard without even writing one line of code. We also offer the Advantage DNN site theme.
  • Integration with SimpleForum module
    Posts in the EasyDNN News module can be commented on via built-in comments, but this new integration allows you to transfer comments to our SimpleForum module. This could allow new ways of using the EasyDNN News module.
    Main features:
    Moving comments to the SimpleForum module
    Adding a new article creates a new forum topic
    Articles have a link to their topic on the forum
    Topic on the forum has a backlink to the article
  • Autoposting to Facebook re-enabled
    Previous changes to the Facebook API have made auto-posting impossible. The recently introduced new version of the API has re-enabled the use of this functionality, so now you can automatically post articles to your Facebook page again.
  • DNN Search functionally for new versions of DNN
    Due to certain changes, DNN Search does not index articles if you use DNN 9.6 or later with all previous versions of EasyDNN News. To avoid this problem, we have implemented in version 10.9 a new method of submitting articles to DNN Search. Indexing articles by DNN Search now works correctly with all versions of DNN.
  • Images now take up less disk space
    We have improved the management of images used in article lists and article details (main article image). If you display articles in multiple instances of the module, this new method can significantly reduce the number of files and total disk space used.
  • Upload videos into article galleries
    From now on, MP4 videos can be added to article galleries.
  • Full compatibility with DNN 9.9
    EasyDNN 10.9 has been tested and is fully compatible with DNN 9.9. It is also backward-compatible with DNN 7.3 or newer.
  • Other news and improvements
    Added paging option for comments
    The minimum supported version of DNN is 7.3
    Other minor improvements and bug fixes