EasyDNN News 10.9

A versatile and very powerful DNN module that will allow you to publish of all kinds of post such as blogs, articles, events, real estates, product catalogs, and much more.

Compatible with DNN/Evoq 7.3x, 8.x, 9.x, including latest 9.9

EasyDNN News Version History

EasyDNN News is probably the DNN module with the largest version history. This is the best proof that we are constantly improving the module and adding new functionalities, but also keeping up with new versions of DNN.

EasyDNN News 10.9

  • New Advantage theme
    Advantage is a new modern theme for EasyDNN News inspired by material design. Your blogs, news, or events will look perfect with this theme, and you can further customize the theme to your needs with StyleWizard without even writing one line of code. We also offer the Advantage DNN site theme.
  • Integration with SimpleForum module
    Posts in the EasyDNN News module can be commented on via built-in comments, but this new integration allows you to transfer comments to our SimpleForum module. This could allow new ways of using the EasyDNN News module.
    Main features:
    Moving comments to the SimpleForum module
    Adding a new article creates a new forum topic
    Articles have a link to their topic on the forum
    Topic on the forum has a backlink to the article
  • Autoposting to Facebook re-enabled
    Previous changes to the Facebook API have made auto-posting impossible. The recently introduced new version of the API has re-enabled the use of this functionality, so now you can automatically post articles to your Facebook page again.
  • DNN Search functionally for new versions of DNN
    Due to certain changes, DNN Search does not index articles if you use DNN 9.6 or later with all previous versions of EasyDNN News. To avoid this problem, we have implemented in version 10.9 a new method of submitting articles to DNN Search. Indexing articles by DNN Search now works correctly with all versions of DNN.
  • Images now take up less disk space
    We have improved the management of images used in article lists and article details (main article image). If you display articles in multiple instances of the module, this new method can significantly reduce the number of files and total disk space used.
  • Upload videos into article galleries
    From now on, MP4 videos can be added to article galleries.
  • Full compatibility with DNN 9.9
    EasyDNN 10.9 has been tested and is fully compatible with DNN 9.9. It is also backward-compatible with DNN 7.3 or newer.
  • Other news and improvements
    Added paging option for comments
    The minimum supported version of DNN is 7.3
    Other minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Telerik free - DNN 9.8 ready – compatible with DNN 9.8
  • URL provider – added the possibility to select the type of links to be rewritten
  • Improved – the export/import functionality now supports image tokens in HTML of articles
  • added the possibility to redirect opening of article details to an instance of the module intended for displaying article details, but without the possibility to open article details in the module instance that displays the article list.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying of tags in the tag cloud
  • Fixed an issue with the Latest article widget and selection of categories
  • Fixed an issue with the data picker for events
  • supported the new Vimeo API for adding of videos
  • fixed an issue with comments when using the portal sharing feature
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNNnews 10.8.5

EasyDNNnews 10.8

  • full compatibility with DNN 9.6.2
  • added the ability to add different main article images that are used in article details and different from the main article image used on the list
  • improved SEO for articles displayed on other portals when using the cross portal sharing option
  • added option for filtering article list by categories, and by AND condition
  • improved Advanced search
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNNnews 10.7.5

  • full compatibility with DNN 9.6.1
  • enhanced RSS feed functionality now supports sharing of events between websites
  • when copying an article, the content of custom fields is also copied
  • enhanced templates and tokens
  • updated JavaScript libraries
  • jQuery updated to version 3.5.1
  • lots of small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNNnews 10.7

  • images in articles can be automatically generated in the WebP image format Read more
  • added support for responsive images <srcset> in details templates
  • added new Ozone theme styles matching to the new Ozone 2 theme (skin)
  • lots of small improvements and bug fixes
  • DNN 9.5 compatible

Version EasyDNNnews 10.6

  • Fully compatible with DNN 9.4
  • Some changes in DNN 9.4 are causing issues with the integration of the EasyDNN News and EasyDNN Rotator, EasyDNN Gallery, EasyDNNmailChimp Plus, EasyDNNStyleWizard, EasyDNN maps. This version re-enables the integrations
  • Supports the latest changes in LinkedIn API and re-enables auto-posting
  • Supports the latest changes in Twitter API and re-enables auto-posting

Version EasyDNNnews 10.5

  • New functionality: Theme picker
    • visual theme and template viewer
    • from now on easily find a template that matches your needs and quickly changes the look of an article list, article details, related articles, documents, comments and links
  • Improved adding of tags now with auto-complete function
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Version EasyDNNnews 10.1

  • New: Press theme for EasyDNN news
    • Added six styles
    • Added support for StyleWizard
  • Improved: Workflow now works for custom fields
  • Improved: AMP articles when a video is added in text
  • Other small fixes and improvements

Version EasyDNNnews 10

  • Workflow: a new advanced workflow that enables three different ways of use:
    • Direct publishing: directly add articles without workflow.
    • Content staging: a published article is displayed. Changes are made to the revision version of the article and published when editing is finished.
    • Content approval: enables the creation of custom workflow/approval system with unlimited levels.
  • new Press theme for the EasyDNN News module with numerous list pages, details pages, and content block templates - Demo
  • Press theme is a perfect fit for our new DNN Press theme, but is also great with other DNN themes/skins.

Version EasyDNNnews 9.5

  • full compatibility with DNN 9.2.2
  • integration with DNN Sharp’s MyTokens module
  • added new fields to author profile
  • added possibility of importing article map from an Excel file
  • improved working with TLS protocol when auto-posting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • added possibility of searching by article ID
  • fixed editing of reoccurring events and registration to reoccurring events
  • fixed saving of localized content for images in gallery
  • fixed adding of the author’s contact form
  • fixed RSS of localized articles
  • fixed upload custom field
  • fixed displaying of author profile image in article list
  • fixed XML export function

Version EasyDNNnews 9.4

  • Improved AMP functionality
    • Creating a multilingual article version
  • Compliance with the GDPR regulation
    • Possibility of disabling cookies and share buttons
    • Option for consent - Acceptance of the terms of use in the event registration form, contact form, and when adding comments
  • Facebook API 3.0 update
    • Auto-posting to a Facebook page is supported again
    • LinkedIn API update - Auto-posting to a LinkedIn page is supported again
    • Up/down voting system for articles
    • Other small fixes and improvements 

Version EasyDNNnews 9.3

  • New: added support for Facebook Instant Articles
  • New: added support for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • New: added support for Structured data (
  • New: added templates for Open Graph and Twitter Cards settings
  • New: added the Glossary (filter articles alphabetically)
  • New: added support for responsive images with 'srcset', for creating different image sizes for articles
  • New: added the possibility of enabling GDPR consent checkboxes in the author contact forms and event registration forms
  • New: added the possibility of disabling cookies 
  • Improved: canonical links function

Version EasyDNNnews 9.2

  • Compatibility: the module is compatible with DNN/Evoq 9.2 and backward compatible with DNN 6.2+
  • New: added the possibility of adjusting image quality in article galleries
  • Improved: System notifications - added HTML email templates and the possibility of sending notifications via STMP and DNN notifications
  • Improved: the possibility of displaying category info and author info in the article list by filtered category and author
  • Improved: DNN search - added support for searching categories
  • Fixed: small bugs and other small improvements