EasyDNN MailChimp Plus 10.5

Connect DNN and MailChimp. Synchronize DNN users with MailChimp lists, add subscription forms to your DNN website and send automated newsletters with articles from the EasyDNN News module.

Compatible with DNN/Evoq 6.2+, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, including latest 9.10.1

EasyDNN MailChimp Plus Version history

On this page you can find the complete version history of the EasyDNN MailChimp Plus module.

EasyDNNmailChimp Plus 10.5

  • improved the process of sending scheduled EasyDNN News campaigns
  • improved syncing of lists with DNN users
  • full compatibility with DNN 9.9
  • other small improvements and bug fixes
  • Telerik free - DNN 9.8 ready – compatible with DNN 9.8
  • supported the new version of MailChimp API – due to a change in the MailChimp API, creating of campaigns will not work in older version, so it required to upgrade the module
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNNmailChimp Plus 10.4

EasyDNNmailChimp Plus 10.3

  • full compatibility with DNN 9.6.2
  • bug fixes

EasyDNNmailChimp Plus 10.2

  • full compatibility with DNN 9.6.1
  • updated JavaScript libraries
  • jQuery updated to version 3.5.1
  • lots of small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNNmailChimp Plus 10.1

  • Fully compatible with DNN 9.4.
  • Some changes in DNN 9.4 are causing issues with the integration of the EasyDNN MailChimp Plus and EasyDNN News modules. This version re-enables the integration.

Version 10.0

  • New feature to allow use of multiple API keys from different MailChimp accounts: 
    • create subscription forms with different MailChimp accounts within DNN portal
    • create campaigns with different MailChimp accounts within DNN portal
    • create schedule with different MailChimp accounts within DNN portal
    • sync DNN users with selected MailChimp account
  • Improved accessibility of subscription forms
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 9.3

  • New: added the possibility of enabling the GDPR consent checkboxes in the signup forms

Version 9.2

  • Compatibility: the module is compatible with DNN/Evoq 9.2 and backward compatible with DNN 6.2+
  • Fixed: small bugs and other small improvements

Version 9.0

  • added the possibility of integration with the EasyDNN SIMPLE FORUM module
    • this integration enables sending of newsletters with the new topics from the Simple Forum module
    • the intervals of sending newsletters can be on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
    • complete automation of sending newsletters is possible or a manual selection of topics
      and sending them at the time that suits you best
  • other small improvements and bug fixes
  • the integration with the EasyDNN News module requires EasyDNN SIMPLE FORUM 1.5
  • full compatibility with the latest version of DNN and Evoq (9.1.1)

Version 8.7

  • fixed the issue with filtering of articles in scheduled campaigns
  • fixed the issue with selecting of instance where article details will be opened  in news regular/scheduled campaings
  • fixed the issue with subscribing of users in multiportal environment

Version 8.6

  • Significant improvement in performance
  • Other fixes and small improvements

Version 8.5

  • DNN/Evoq 9.1 compatible version – Telerik free
  • After the announcement that Telerik will be removed from DNN/Evoq we’ve managed to sucesfully replace
    the Telerik controls with our own solutions
  • It is strongly recommend to use 8.5 version of the module with DNN/EVOQ 9.1 or higher
  • bug fixes

Version 8.2

  • possibility of integration DNN users with MailChimp list
  • registered users can manage in sign-up form lists and groups to which they are subscribed
  • bug fixes