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EasyDNN ROTATOR 10.9.3

This module brings attractive slideshow presentations to DNN websites. Choose from a dozen different slideshow presentations. You can use this module independently but also in combination with the EasyDNN News module, the latter of which enables posts to be automatically loaded and displayed.

Evoq, Azure, DNN 6.2+, DNN 7, DNN 8, DNN 9, including latest DNN 9.12.

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Download all EasyDNN modules at once

Download all EasyDNN modules at once

From here, you can download all our modules at once. The modules are in a zip package, and you need to unzip it before installing the modules.

Download EasyDNNNEWS

Download EasyDNN NEWS

This module is intended for publishing and displaying all types of posts, such as blogs, articles, news, announcements, events, and the like. Thanks to custom field functionality, it can be used in a variety of ways, from for real estate websites to business directories, product catalogs, and much more.

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Download EasyDNN GALLERY

This module brings attractive image and video galleries to DNN websites. You can choose from a dozen different attractive galleries. Creating galleries as well as adding images and videos to galleries are all very easy and fast processes.

Download EasyDNN MailChimp Plus


This module brings everything you need for successful email marketing. The main features are the synchronization of registered DNN users with MailChimp groups and lists, subscription forms for your website, and the ability to send a newsletter directly from the module. Of particular interest is the possibility of sending a newsletter that is automatically created from the posts published in the EasyDNN News module.

Download EasyDNNmaps

Download EasyDNN MAPS

This module allows you to add advanced Google Maps to your website, with features such as location markers, filtering markers by category, store locators, driving direction, Street View, and more.

Download EasyDNNsimpleForum


This forum looks very modern, and it offers two types of comments, native (built-in) comments and Facebook comments. One very interesting feature is the ability to add documents and images to topics and comments (when native comments are used).