EasyDNN Maps 6.4

Add advanced Google maps to your DNN website with functionalities such as markers, filtering markers by category, store locators, driving directions, Street View, and more.

Compatible with DNN/Evoq 7.3x, 8.x, 9.x, including latest 9.12

EasyDNN Maps Version history

On this page you can find the complete version history of the EasyDNN Maps module.

EasyDNN Maps 6.4

  • [New] possibility of communication between two modules using DNN API
  • [New] Auto-zoom to fit markers
  • compatible with the latest version of DNN 9.12
  • other small improvements and bug fixes
  • DNN 9.11 ready – fully compatible with DNN 9.11
  • other improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNN Maps 6.2

EasyDNN Maps 6.1

  • option for sorting markers by category
  • option to automatically display Filter by distance when searching
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNN Maps 6

  • added the possibility to import markers dynamically from the external API
  • added the possibility to retrieve data dynamically from external API by userID
  • the integration with Google Cloud Map – enables cloud-based maps styling
  • Google Maps API upgraded to the latest version
  • lots of small improvements and bug fixes
  • the minimum supported DNN version is 7.3

EasyDNNmaps 5.6

  • updated to the new version of Google API
  • fixed an issue with cache when integrating with the EasyDNN News module and displaying markers
  • fixed displaying of the category widget
  • full compatibility with DNN 9.9
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNNmaps 5.5

  • Telerik free - DNN 9.8 ready – compatible with DNN 9.8
  • fixed an issue when adding markers by using geolocation codes
  • other small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNNmaps 5.4

  • full compatibility with DNN 9.6.2
  • bug fixes

EasyDNNmaps 5.3

  • full compatibility with DNN 9.6.1
  • updated JavaScript libraries
  • jQuery updated to version 3.5.1
  • lots of small improvements and bug fixes

EasyDNNmaps 5.1

  • Fully compatible with DNN 9.4.
  • Some changes in DNN 9.4 are causing issues with the integration of the EasyDNN Maps and EasyDNN News modules. This version re-enables the integration.

Version 5.0

  • New: added the Routes function (the possibility of creating routes, customizing routes, and displaying routes on a map)
  • New: added the Import/Export function (the possibility of importing and exporting markers, categories, and routes)
  • Improved: module interface

Version 4.2

  • Compatibility: the module is compatible with DNN/Evoq 9.2 and backward compatible with DNN 6.2+
  • Fixed: small bugs and other small improvements

Version 4.1

  • added category localization
  • added the possibility to import custom map styles from Snazzy maps
  • added new modern info bubble theme - Venture
  • upgraded the admin interface
  • other small fixes and improvements in displaying markers, radius, and using the cross portal sharing option with category widget

Version 4.0

  • added marker categories and possibility of filtering markers by categories - Demo
    • filtering of categories with the Category Widget that is displayed on a map
    • ideal for business directories, tourist map with the list of attractions and similar
    • an unlimited number of categories and subcategories, easy managing of categories
    • it is possible to add a marker and widget icon to each category
    • the right or left positioning of the Category Map Widget on a map
    • the possibility of adjusting the category widget container for optimal positioning depending on the skin
    • the options for selecting the visibility mode, depending on whether the category is expanded or collapsed
    • category widget is also integrated with the EasyDNN News module and lets you display and filter article markers by categories from EasyDNN News module
  • added more than 7000 new icons for markers and categories
  • other small improvements and bug fixes
  • integration with the EasyDNN NEWS module requires EasyDNN NEWS 9.0
  • full compatibility with the latest DNN and Evoq versions (9.1.1)