EasyDNN Gallery 11.8

The professional gallery solution offers you different types of gallery that you can easily add to your DNN site.

Compatible with DNN/Evoq 7.3x, 8.x, 9.x, including latest 9.12

Integrate EasyDNN Gallery with other modules

EasyDNN Gallery can integrate with the EasyDNN News and EasyDNN Rotator modules. It gives additional gallery functionality to EasyDNN News, and EasyDNN Rotator can use images from EasyDNN Gallery. 

Integrate EasyDNN Gallery with other modules
Integration with easydnn gallery

Integration with easydnn NEWS

EasyDNN News comes with basic gallery management and a simple gallery display. The gallery management enables simple adding of image galleries to articles. Galleries are displayed below text. You can select one of your uploaded images as the main article image. This image will be used as an intro image. Article thumbnails used in article lists will also be generated from the main article image.

EasyDNN Gallery is our popular DNN gallery module by which you can easily create and manage image, video and audio galleries. It can be both used as a stand-alone module and integrated with the EasyDNN News module. To integrate the EasyDNN News and EasyDNN Gallery module, just install both modules on the same DNN site.

This integration will enable additional possibilities in the gallery management of the EasyDNN News module, including new gallery displays (thumbnail gallery and slideshow gallery) in articles, the possibility of adding audio files (mp3) to galleries, additional Lightbox options, the possibility of displaying galleries above or below text, and the integration with Wistia and Vimeo

Integration with easydnn rotator

EasyDNN Rotator can use galleries from EasyDNN Gallery module as a source of slides. It can also display galleries from the Gravity gallery display, according to various conditions and criteria. You can select categories from the gallery module as a basis for the slideshow display, display all galleries from the selected category. The order of displaying galleries can be by their publish date, last update, most popular or by alphabetic order. 

Integration with easydnn rotator