About Us

EasyDNNsolutions is a company specialized in extension development (of modules and skins), as well as in DNN CMS solutions. Our modules constantly rank among the most popular ones on the DNN store. They are currently used on over 30,000 DNN web sites in more than a hundred countries around the world.

In 2010 we published our first commercial DNN module in DNN store. It was the EasyDNNgallery module, immediately embraced by users, so it has been one of the most popular modules from its very beginning. Our other modules soon followed with equal success, and recently we have expanded our range of products to DNN skins as well.

Prior to becoming a DNN module vendor, we spent years accumulating experience as a web agency. Initially we started developing our own CMS solution, which we decided to abandon for DNN as a more sensible choice. As we grew to like DNN and the entire story surrounding it, we decided to offer our products and services to all interested DNN users.

We are based in Croatia, European Union. We are a good team, enjoying our work. We love to develop and enhance our product, communicate and help other users from all over the world to use DNN and our own products. We are fortunate to have met, in the course of our work, many nice and cooperative people.