New in version 6.0

  • A new responsive display - TabRotator
    • Display of slides with horizontal or vertical tabs
    • Fully responsive
    • An option to select between different kinds of themes
    • An option to select various kinds of layout elements
    • HTML template and support for EasyDNNnews Custom fields tokens
    • Supports Vimeo and YouTube video
    • Various options for display configuration
  • A new responsive display - Carousel3D -
    • Display of slides in 3D carousel display
    • Fully responsive
    • An option to select between different themes
    • An option to select various layouts of elements
    • Supports Vimeo and YouTube video
    • Fallback for browsers not supporting 3D transitions
    • HTML template and support for EasyDNNnews Custom fields tokens
    • Various options for display configuration
  • Integration with the Gravity gallery (EasyDNNgallery)
    • An option to display added galleries and open them in the Gravity gallery
    • Selection of categories from which to display galleries
    • Possibility to display most popular galleries, last modified galleries etc.
  • An advanced integration with EasyDNNnews module
    • Added support for Custom fields tokens from the News module (Chameleon, Sizeshifter, MultiCarousel, TabRotator and Carousel3D)
    • An advanced support for Event tokens from the news module, with location and conditional tokens "if exists"
    • Added support for Category token from the News module – a display of an article category
    • An added option to use the module to display related articles in the News module
  • Chameleon rotator - added HTML template
  • SizeShifter rotator - added HTML template

New in version 5.9

  • Chameleon rotator
    • improved the responsive mode. Now the rotator can be proportionally resized according to the width of the skin (demo1, demo2, demo3, demo4, demo5, demo6).
    • added new responsive presets
    • updated Flow player
  • MultiCarousel
    • added a token for displaying a publish date from the EasyDNNnews module
  • Manage Content
    • added a function for faster changing the position of items

New in version 5.5

  • DNN 7.1 and MS Azure ready
  • the module supports the database object qualifier
  • implemented the iPortable feature for settings – allows exporting and importing of settings by using the DNN export/import feature

New in version 5.0

  • Added option to set the Start / End date for each slide
  • Added new themes for the Chameleon rotator
  • Improved the integration with EasyDNNnews module
    • added the possibility of hiding the rotator when details of an article are open
    • added the possibility to dynamically displays articles according to the selected category
    • added the option of not displaying non-localized articles (requires EasyDNNnews 5.0)
  • Improved loading performance


New in version 4.9.1

New SizeSifter responsive slider (demo)

  • Simple responsive slider, perfect for use with responsive skins
  • the slider proportionally decrease image size for best fitting with responsive pages
  • adjusting the size of the slider
  • different transitions
  • optional use of thumbnails
  • optional use of navigation arrows
  • display of image’s title and description with possibility of choosing position
  • different themes
  • integration with EasyDNNnews module and automatic display of articles from EasyDNNnews module


New in version 4.9

- Go Social with DNN and EasyDNNrotator


New in version 4.8.5

- Go Social with DNN and EasyDNNrotator

  • Added option to display articles from EasyDNNnews by UserID QueryString. This allows you to display the user’s articles and events on Activity feed in attractive presentations.


New in version 4.8

  • added 2 new view types - Poker Carousel - Demo

  • News Ticker - Demo


New in version 4.7.8

  • EasyDNNrotator now works on MS Azure


New in version 4.7.7

  • support for Cross Portal sharing when integrating with EasyDNNnews


New in version 4.7

  • now you can display articles from EasyDNNnews module filtered by permissions per article (added in EasyDNNnews 4.7)
  • now you can display Events from EasyDNNnews module (added in EasyDNNnews 4.7)


New in version 4.6

  • added a new theme for MultiCarousel - BlogTwo (dark & light)
  • added two new themes for Chameleon gallery – NewsOne (grey, red, green, blue) and Phobos (dark & light)
  • now you can adjust the quality of JPEGs
  • now you can display articles from EasyDNNnews even if they don’t have main article image (excellent for RSS feeds)


New in version 4.5.1

  • fixed a bug when taking over articles with links to details from EasyDNNnews
  • fixed a bug in version 4.5 with replacing the images
  • compatible with DotNetNuke 6.2

New in version 4.5

  • New view type – MultiCarousel (responsive jQuery Carousel now supporting even mobile devices)

    • Responsive jQuery Carousel for DotNetNuke
    • Swipe&touch enabled, meaning it provides support for touch input devices such as iPhone, iPad…
    • Can be controlled by mouse dragging or moving
    • Brings remarkable possibilities in appearance adjustment
    • Developed by EasyDNNsolutions team exclusively for EasyDNNrotator, so it can't be found anywhere else on the web
    • Multicolumn carousel means it can display items in multiple rows
    • Different displays are set by token-assisted HTML templates
    • A number of presets for an easier start of appearance setting
    • A choice between a number of themes and templates.
    • Horizontal or vertical slide of items
    • Individual slide of items along the column/row, or a whole group of items
    • Slide of items can run in an unbroken sequence, or it can be limited, followed by return to starting position
    • Auto play option
    • Various slide effects
    • Various arrows and setting their positions
    • Randomize order – a different sequence of items with each new loading
    • Pagination and position setting
    • Integration with EasyDNNnews module and automatic load of articles
      • Selection of categories and the number of articles
      • Selection of permissions from news module makes possible for users to see articles according to permissions in EasyDNNnews module
      • Selection of news module instances which open articles
    • Scheduler for deleting accumulated images from EasyDNNnews articles which are no longer displayed
    • Integration with EasyDNNgallery module – taking images from EasyDNNgallery module. It is not necessary to add images into rotator's lists again.
    • Defining the size of thumbnails, title and description length
  • New in Chameleon rotator (responsive layout and swipe&touch enabled)


New in version 4.4

  • added fallback option if JavaScript is turned off
  • improved localization of the chameleon rotator


New in version 4.3.5

  • fixed problem with IE7 in Chameleon rotator
  • fixed issue with the media URL from EasyDNNgallery


New in version 4.3

  • Image centering
    Added image centering when image is smaller than the image panel.
  • Bugfixes:
    - Fixed displaying of description as HTML


New in version 4.2.5

  • improved display of embedded videos (Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Bits On The Run)
  • a few bugs fixed


New in version 4.2

  • Integration with EasyDNNgallery module - now you can use content already stored in EasyDNNgallery module
  • Added support for videos (mp4, flv) stored on Amazon S3 and other external links


New in version 4.1

  • added background shadows and custom border
  • some bugs fixed