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Version history


New in version 1.1

  • added option to save settings to separate file that can be loaded into any module
  • added option to load settings from another module

 New in version 1.2

  • added option to change characters of file names
    • to uppercase
    • to lowercase
    • first letter of every word in title to uppercase
    • first letter of title to uppercase
  • fixed issue with replace thumbnails

New in version 1.3

  • Module updated to accept new embedded video code from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion.
  • Added support for the HTML5 video from YouTube and Vimeo (you can now watch embedded video through the iPhone, iPad ...).
  • Example gallery settings from our demo site are now included in the module for faster gallery setup. You can easily load them in the “Save or load settings” option. 
  • Added a URL field to image media for redirection (supported in SlideShow gallery).
  • Fixed bug that in some skin containers stopped settings from being opened.
  • SlideShow with thumbnails gallery is now centered.
  • In Slideshow gallery now you can chose onclick event: open image in a lightbox or redirect to a specified URL that opens in the same or new window.

 New in version 1.5

  • Added new slide show view type - Image Slider 1
  • 4 new CSS themes
  • Support for EXIF metadata
  • Automatically add EXIF data from uploaded image into title or description. Exif data can be selected as desired (Artist, Copyright, Image Description, Make, Model, Subject location)
  • Flash Gallery - fixed sorting
  • Slideshow with thumbnail - Added option to proportionally resize images

New in version 1.5.1

  • Improved gallery loading speed
  • Fixed ImageSlider 1- with loading images
  • Fixed Flash Gallery - corrected cache problem with settings

New in version 2.0

Nested galleries
  • Nested gallery selection a in two levels (Category > Galleries > Image)
  • Selecting all or individual galleries from selected category for nested display
  • Automatically add thumbnails for the nested galleries
  • Select the number of columns and the size of thumbs for nested galleries display
  • Proportionally resize or resize and crop thumbnails for nested galleries thumbnails
  • Custom settings - BreadCrumb - on / off
  • Custom settings - Gallery Info - on / off
  • Custom settings - Gallery Name – on/off
  • Custom settings - Gallery Description – on/off
  • Nested galleries support in Lightbox gallery view type
Improved Lightbox
  • Support for slideshow
  • Inline galleries inside lightbox
  • New lightbox theme (5 themes now available)
  • Custom setting - lighbox animation speed
  • Custom setting - on / off inline galleries
  • Custom setting - on / off slideshow
  • Custom setting - on / off autoplay
  • Custom setting - slideshow speed
Image Carousel view type
  • Scrolls one or multiple items simultaneously (Custom settings)
  • Scrolls automatically on/off
  • Customize image size
  • Auto image resize
  • Easy adjustable to any website
  • Supports all native gallery CSS themes
  • Custom settings - Number of images to show
  • Custom settings - Show navigation on/off
  • Custom settings - Show paging on/off
  • Custom settings - Show image title on/off
  • Custom settings - Show image description on/off
  • Open images on click in Lightbox, page or URL
4 new CSS themes
  • Great new themes width rounded image corners style
Added new feature to Slideshow with thumbnails view type 
  • Show thumbnails over the image
  • Fixed ImageSlider 1- when loading does not display all images
  • Added feature in Lightbox view type to open QuickTime (.mov) videos in flash player or QT player
  • Fixed problem when playing Vimeo videos in lightbox

 New in version 2.1

  • The gallery is fully localized. All static text and labels can be localized on your favorite language
  • Corrected a bug in nested galleries when you added files with the same filename 

New in version 2.2

  • Added Content localization
  • You can now fully localize content
  • With all the static text and labels and content localization gallery becomes fully customizable to display different versions of the language
  • Content localization is automatically activated when you install at least two languages on your portal
  • Added a new template for ImageCarausel view type that allows you to display titles and descriptions under the pictures and all this with the possibility of scrolling
  • Added new template for ImageSlider that has no action when user clicks on the image
  • Added attractive Ajax preloader to the Lightbox gallery and nested galleries with two modes and a simple selection in the settings
  • Fixed bug when galley listed wrong number of media
  • Fixed bug when gallery in use was deleted and caused an error

 New in version 2.3

  • Attractive new CSS theme
  • Created template system for Lightbox gallery - you can choose whether you want a title and a description over an image, below the image or next to the image.
  • Added new template for Lightbox gallery so you can display description below images. Excellent for larger captions.
  • Added new template for Lightbox gallery that displays text and adds a link next to an image. This view allows you to easily turn gallery into a portfolio or product catalog
  • Nested galleries can be accessed directly via a link contained in breadcrumbs.
  • Minor bug fixes


New in version 2.4

  • Added new view type: Slideshow gallery with thumbnails 2 (jQuery)
    • Supports images
    • 2 main view types (thumbnails placed on the side or thumbnails placed
      above main image)
    • Select the main image size
    • Select the thumbnail size
    • Auto slide
    • Optionally select to display: gallery name, media name and media
    • 7 CSS themes
  • Added support for Cyrillic and other non‐latin character sets

New in version 2.5

  • Added two new view types: jQuery vertical carousel and jQuery SlideShow gallery with thumbnails and fullscreen option.


New in version 2.6

  • Added new view type Video gallery 2 Choice of 4 different templates (thumbnails down the thumbnails on left side, list down the list on left side)
    • Choice of 24 predefined CSS themes that can be easily updated to each design
    • Randomize function
    • Select the number, size, title and description of thumbnails
    • Choice of two different skins for video player
    • Supports: flv, mp4, mov, swf
    • Supports online video sharing sites: YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCaffe, DailyMotion.
    • Unlimited number of different modules on the same page with the different settings and different themes
  • Added new view type Lightbox Gallery with Caption Slider (images, video, audio) On mouse over the picture detailed description opens
    • Possibility of opening the link or lightbox
    • Choice of 24 predefined CSS theme
    • Supports nested galleries
    • Supports images, video and audio
    • Select the number, size, title and description of thumbnails
    • Randomize function
    • Unlimited number of different modules on the same page with the different settings and different themes
  • Added new Carousel template with caption slider
  • Added option for all views to show media in random order
  • Improved loading speed


 New in version 2.7

  • Added two new view types:
    • Video gallery with carousel thumbnails
    • Audio gallery with thumbnails or list
  • Added multiple file upload option for images, video and audio files

Video gallery 3 with carousel thumbnails

  • Choice of 24 predefined CSS themes that can be easily updated to fit each design
  • Randomize function
  • Select the number, size, title and description of thumbnails
  • Choice of two different skins for video player
  • Supports: flv, mp4, mov, swf
  • Supports online video sharing sites: YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCaffe, DailyMotion.
  • Unlimited number of different modules on the same page with the different settings and different themes

Audio gallery 2 with thumbnails or list

  • Choice of 2 different templates (thumbnails or list view)
  • Choice of 24 predefined CSS themes that can be easily updated to fit each design
  • Randomize function
  • Select the number, size, title and description of thumbnails
  • Supports: mp3
  • Unlimited number of different modules on the same page with the different settings and different themes
  • Flash mp3 audio player
  • Select the audio player size

Multiple file upload for images, video and audio files

  • upload multiple files at once
  • select up to 100 files
  • upload progress bar for each file

Nested galleries update

  • When new gallery is added now it is automatically added to the nested galleries view. If you have nested gallery view setup to display all galleries in the category now when you add new gallery to the category it is automatically added to the nested galleries view.


New in version 3.0

  • Video Gallery - support for HTML5, supports iPhone & iPad. Automatically detects access from mobile device and replaces flash player with HTML5 player that allows you to watch videos on iPhone and iPad.
  • User Upload - a function that allows users to upload into selected gallery images, video and audio without the administration interface. automatically add media to database or after the approval
    • setting up upload permissions to security role by a media type: images, audio, video
    • setting up security permissions for media approval
    • automatically image resizing when user uploads image
  • Trial version
  • added paging to nested galleries
  • saved gallery settings are now visible only inside portal
  • the ability to turn off included jQuery library
  • New gallery activation
  • Many of the improvements that will enable the further even better development and in future versions of Gallery 3+.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Multi audio upload fixed
    • Lightbox gallery selected template save settings fixed
    • Vertical carousel save settings fixed
    • ...


New in version 3.1

  • New view type: Lightbox portfolio gallery
  • Added attractive tooltips to replace the default when sending a description to a lightbox and enable HTML tooltip display (thanks for help to Caleb Blanton - www.creativaconsulting.com)
    • Selecting of position, theme, opening and closing effect, border width and radius
  • Added support for Amazon S3 video
  • Added support for Bits On The Run (LongTailVideo service)
  • User upload - added option to upload the video file based on a role security
  • Fixed loading Image Carousel and Slideshow with thumbnails gallery
  • Added option to enable/disable jQuery per module instance
  • Added support for a new YouTube embed code
  • Improved loading speed
  • Fixed value checking when saving settings


New in version 3.2

  • Image Carousel and Vertical Carousel now support images, audio and video
  • Added option to set access rights to “Manage Content” and “Gallery Settings” based on role security.
  • BitsOnTheRun service support - all views support HTML5.
  • Video Carousel 3 now remembers position

New in version 3.3

  • New video player - Added support for the Flow video player (http://flowplayer.org). Flowplayer is an excellent flash video player with support for FLV, H.264 and MP4 video formats.
  • Updated Lightbox portfolio Added option to turn off the navigation bar.
    • Updated Tooltip display Add option turn on/off Tooltips.
  • Updated role management in “General module settings” Role Management in the “General module settings” is now visible to administrators.
  • Bug fixes:
    - fixed problem with Lightbox display when using localization
    - fixed problem with apostrophe character when displaying description in Tooltips
    - ...

New in version 3.4

  • New view type: Advanced Slide Show
  • Excellent new jQuery slide show that supports nested galleries or single gallery display with many options to configure
  • The gallery panel allows for easy selection of galleries and images. Gallery is fully re-sizable and configurable through the “Gallery settings”
  • Supports nested galleries
  • Unlimited number of images
  • Each image can have hyperlink
  • Various slide or fade image transition effects
  • Customize description tooltip
  • Description tooltip can be set at different location
  • Show or hide components, including play button, text description, timer, position etc.
  • Can set control panel to appear on mouse over


New in version 3.5

Added support for audio mp3 files from Amazon S3

  • Now you can add mp3 audio files to gallery that are hosted on Amazon S3 storage.

Added new Lightbox theme

  • New great looking modern theme has been added to lightbox.

Improved Advanced Slideshow

  • Added two new image transition effects.  Now you can add two or more Advanced Slideshows on the page.
  • Added option to initially open image selection.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed few bugs that caused problems with description in lightbox to display correctly.
  • Fixed problem when adding and approving new images to Advanced Slideshow. Images were not displayed correctly.


New in version 3.6

Added option for sorting media.

  • Added option to sort media by “Position”, “Date uploaded”, “Filename” and “Title” to following view types: Lightbox Gallery , Lightbox Caption Slider, Lightbox portfolio gallery, Slide Show, Slideshow with thumbnails, Slideshow with thumbnails 2, Slideshow with thumbnails 3, Advanced Slide Show, Image Slider 1, Image Carousel, Vertical Carousel.

Added AJAX enabled controls for Video Gallery 2 and Video Gallery 3

  • Added AJAX enabled template controls for view types Video Gallery 2 and Video Gallery 3. Now you can load a video into the player without refreshing the page.


New in version 3.7

Added option for sorting media.

Added option to sort media by “Position”, “Date uploaded”, “Filename” and “Title” to following view types: Video Gallery, Video Gallery2, Video Gallery 3, Audio Gallery.

Added new transition effects for Image Slider.

Added following transition effects to Image Slider view type: slice down right, slice up right, box random, box rain, box rain reverse, box rain grow and box rain grow reverse.

Improved image and gallery delete

When you delete image it will be deleted from disk. When you delete gallery all images in that gallery will be deleted from disk.

Added option for resizing when replacing images

Added option to enable resize when replacing image in the Image editor.


Fixed problem when adding new images to SlideShow with Thumbnails 2 view type

Fixed problem when deleting and moving images in the nested galleries


New in version 3.8

Added option to enable images downloading

You can now enable download of images in the Lightbox display view. You can set permissions for downloading images based on security roles. You can upload special file for downloading.

Upload media with the same name

You can now upload media with the same name into the same gallery.


Fixed problem when adding Bits On The Run videos

Fixed problem when adding images in the nested galleries



New in version 3.9

Improved Portfolio lightbox view type

Added option to select dropdown menu and option to show navigation arrows to navigate left and right.  Dropdown menu is an excellent way to display multiple galleries. Add option to select 5 different menu and arrow colors. From now portfolio gallery automatically retrieves data when you and new images and supports content localization.

Portfolio lightbox galley
- Added dropdown menu
- Added navigation arrows
- Option to select menu and arrow colors
- Support for content localization
- Auto data and settings retrieval

Audio gallery

- Added option to enable download of mp3 files


- Fixed problem with thumbnail generation when integration checked
- Fixed localization so now displays only enabled languages


New in version 3.9.2

Added fullscreen option for:
- Lightbox gallery
- Lightbox caption slider gallery 
- Lightbox portfolio gallery

Image Carousel
- added option to select different arrows in 6 different colors


New in version 3.9.3

Improved Image Carousel view type
- Added fullscreen option to Image Carousel view type.
- Added options to display gallery title and description in Image Carousel view type.


New in version 3.9.4

Improved VideoGallery2 view type
- Added option to display images inside VideoGallery2 view type
- You can now display images from the same gallery where the videos are. You can set image width and height


New in version 3.9.5 

Social sharing
- Added option to display social sharing buttons in the Lightbox. You can now share images to Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Print images
- Added option to add print button in Lightbox. Enable users to easily print images.

Email link
- Added option to add email button in Lightbox that enables users to easily send link to the image they are looking.

Download images
- Added option to enable downloading images from Portfolio and Lightbox with caption view type.

Display images in Video gallery 3
- Added option that enables displaying images in the Video Gallery3 view type.


New in version 3.9.6

Social sharing
Added option to display social sharing buttons in the audio and video galleries. You can now share videos and audios to Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Media URL link
Added option to display text box containing direct link in video and audio view types.


New in version 3.9.7

Social sharing                       
Added option to display social sharing buttons for each image in the Lightbox, Lightbox Caption and Portfolio view type. You can now share images to Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

YouTube new URL support
Added support for YouTube video URLs with domain http://youtu.be.


New in version 3.9.8

Nested galleries sorting
When displayed nested galleries can now be sorted by position, title, date created and date last modified.


New in version 4.0

Our well-accepted EasyDNNgallery module has reached its 4.0 edition. Through several versions that preceded this version, we have enabled sharing images through social networks for some layouts, and the most important novelty is the possibility of advanced integration with our newly introduced EasyDNNnews module.

New in version 4.1

  • Chameleon gallery - new view type  (demo)
    (images, videos, audios, lightbox, nested galleries)

    Chameleon gallery is the gallery that you have waited for. It is developed by EasyDNNsolutions team exclusively for DNN and EasyDNNgallery module.

    Make your web sites more attractive with this eye-caching and unique gallery.

    Main features:
    - support for images, videos and audios
    - unlimited number of images, videos and audios
    - unlimited number of nested galleries
    - nested galleries are loaded on demand for better page load
    - support for pop-up in Lightbox
    - support for sharing images on Facebook, Twitter and Goolge+
    - jQuery based (it works on mobile devices)
    - easy adjustment
    - a lot of adjustment options for different gallery layouts (change positions of categories, thumbnails, titles and descriptions)
    - It has everything you needed for your site and much, much more.
  • Added support for streaming video (RTMP)
  • Significantly improved loading speed of Lightobx nested galleries.

New in version 4.2

Chameleon gallery
- new dark theme (Phobos dark)
- improved display of embedded videos (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Dailymotion Cloud, Metacafe, Bits On the Run, BrightCove)
- mp4 videos can be played in two different players (Standard and FlowPlayer)
- supported swf format
- added preloaders for thumbnails
Portfolio Lightbox gallery
- added new navigation (left and right navigation bar) - horizontal navigation bar now can have an unlimited number of galleries
DailyMotion Cloud
- now you can play videos from Dailymotion Cloud
- few bugs fixed


New in version 4.2.5

  • Added full screen option and other options to Chameleon gallery
    Added option to display Chameleon gallery in full screen mode. Added options to display title and description when displaying images in lightbox from Chameleon gallery.
  • Bug fixes:
    Fixed problem with automatic thumbnail creation when upload into Chameleon galley


New in version 4.3.5

  • DNN search integration
    Added support for core DNN integration. The following view types now can be searched through DNN search interface: Lightbox, Lightbox Portolio, Slide Show, Video Gallery, Video Gallery 2, Video Gallery 3, Audio Gallery, Audio Gallery 2, Image Slider 1, Chameleon gallery.


New in version 4.4

  • Added option to create black and white thumbnails in the Chameleon view type.
  • Users can now edit only their own galleries and categories.
    Added option to enable users to edit only the categories and galleries that they have created.

New in version 4.5

  • Chameleon gallery
    • New theme for Chameleon gallery (NewsOne)
    • An advanced gallery enabling display of title and description while passing the mouse over thumbnail through tooltips
    • Swipe&touch enabled, meaning it provides support for touch input devices such as iPhone, iPad…
    • Smart autoplay for videos (youtube, vimeo and mp4)
      • if autoplay option is turned on and a video is being played, the gallery does not slide until the video stops or stop button is pressed (this option has been available from 4.2 release, now additionally enhanced)
  • New CSS3 theme for Lightbox gallery, Lightbox portfolio… EDG_9_NewsOne.css
  • Added Pinterest share button in Lightbox. Now images from Lightbox can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Our Lightbox enables sharing a specific image, not the entire gallery which many other solutions provide.


New in version 4.7.5

Cross portal sharing
Sharing galleries between portals

Added new Ligthbox control
Added new control to Lightbox view type which enables opening all gallery media directly in lightbox when displaying nested galleries (demo)

German language pack
German translation is now available for EasyDNNgallery

New in version 4.8.5 - Go Social with DNN and EasyDNNgallery

New in version 4.8.6 - Go Social with DNN and EasyDNNgallery

  • added support for DotNetNuke Social groups galleries in DNN6.2x

New in version 4.8.7

  • DNN7 ready

New in version 4.9

  • Lightbox and Chameleon gallery are now responsive
  • added lots of presets for Chameleon gallery


New in version 5.5

  • DNN 7.1 and MS Azure ready
  • the module supports the database object qualifier
  • implemented the iPortable feature for settings - allows exporting and importing of settings by using the DNN export/import feature



EasyDNNsolutions proudly presents EasyDNNgallery 5 and SocialMediaBox

SocialMediaBox is a new Lightbox-like media viewer which brings to DotNetNuke the best practices of displaying and sharing images (and other supported multimedia files) in the way you have become familiar with through social networks. Strongly integrated with social features of DotNetNuke (6.2 and later), SocialMediaBox enhances the experience of displaying and sharing images to an entirely new level. It will make your social sites more fun to visit, more attractive and more professional, placing users more tightly into social interaction.

New options available with SocialMediaBox:

1. SocialMediaBox makes it possible to open, view, comment, rate and share images added to EasyDNNgallery used in community mode (DNN 6.2 and later)

2. Option to open images published in the Journal. Images published in the Journal thus become clickable and they can be opened in SocialMediaBox.
When applied in this way, SocialMediaBox shares functionality with the DNN Journal module. It is possible to like or comment an image. Comments added in SocialMediaBox are visible in the Journal, and vice versa.

3. SocialMediaBox can also be used in the standard mode of the EasyDNNgallery module, without a need to integrate it with DotNetNuke's social features.  At the moment, SocialMediaBox is supported in two displays within EasyDNNgallery: Lightbox gallery and Chameleon gallery display.

Depending on selected settings, SocialMediaBox makes possible:

  • display of information on the user sharing the images (user's name and avatar), as well as adding the user as friend or following the user
  • display of image's title and description
  • display of social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest)
  • display of Download button
  • display of Send link button
  • display of gallery images thumbnails
  • option to comment images
  • option to rate images

> SocialMediaBox new social media viewer for EasyDNNgallery 5 and DotNetNuke

> How to use SocialMediaBox for images in the Journal

> Read how to Go Social with DotNetNuke and EasyDNNsolutions modules


Version 6.0

  • A new display: Gravity gallery - See all features | Demo
    • A new generation advanced gallery
    • Displays images and plays videos and audios (MP3)
    • Fully responsive, masonry layout, infinite scroll paging, template-driven layout, different themes
    • Nested galleries (4 levels), RSS feed, EXIF, geolocation (Google maps), scheduled publishing and draft mode
    • Social sharing buttons, comments, ratings, like buttons, download option, SocialMediaBox
    • Can be used either as a presentation web gallery or a community gallery
  • A new display: Portfolio PRO gallery - See all features | Demo
    • A modern gallery display intended for portfolio-type content
    • Displays images and plays YouTube and Vimeo videos
    • Fully responsive, nested galleries, Lightbox, full screen description
    • Caption animation, predefined layouts, different sorting options
  • Other important news in EasyDNNgallery 6.0
    • Improved the responsive mode in the Chameleon gallery
    • Lightbox Portfolio gallery is now responsive
    • Slideshow with thumbnails 3 is now responsive
    • HTML5 uploader – the old flash-based uploader has been replaced by HTML5 uploader, so the items can now be uploaded even from mobile devices and tablets
    • RSS import (option to automatically import content from YouTube, Vimeo, Flicker…)
    • Permissions for categories and galleries (only for Gravity gallery)
    • Addition of Dashboard

Version 6.1

  • improved displaying in Lightbox of images from 4th level (details) – the possiblity to display all images from the gallery, not only the one that was opened in Lightbox
  • fixes related to the social (community) mode
  • improved caching of images for better peformance and other small fixes

Version 6.1.5

  • fixed a potential security issue

Version 6.2

  • added the new "SocialMediaBox Lite" in the Gravity gallery
    • possibility to display items in a simple type of the Lightbox
    • mobile friendly version
  • added a mobile friendly version of the standard SocialMediaBox
  • improved the responsive mode of the Chameleon Gallery
  • added the possibility of disabling the All button in the Portfolio Pro view
  • added the possibility of setting the image quality

Version 6.3

  • added SocialMediaBox Lite (a mobile friendly Lightbox) in the Chameleon gallery and Lightbox gallery
  • added the possibility to export and import galleries with the possibility to select a category that will be exported or imported
  • improved the possibility of moving galleries between categories
  • along with the Gravity gallery now the Chameleon and Lightbox gallery support the permissions for galleries and categories